Horace Odes 2.3

Aequam memento rebus in arduis
Remember to save the equal mind in lofty circumstances,

servare mentem, non secus in bonis
not otherwise (remember to keep a mind)

ab insolenti temperatam
held back from excessive joy

laetitia, moriture Delli,
in good circumstances, Delius about to die,

seu maestus omni tempore vixeris,
whether you shall have lived, sad, in all time

seu te in remoto gramine per dies
or whether you shall make yourself happy

festos reclinatum bearis
having reclined on remote grass, through the festive days

interiore nota Falerni.
with the private mark of Falerian wine.

quo pinus ingens albaque populus
For what purpose, the huge pine and the white poplar

umbram hospitalem consociare amant
love to share the hospitable shadow

ramis? quid obliquo laborat
with a branch? Why does the swift water work

lympha fugax trepidare rivo?
to hurry in the zigzag stream?

huc vina et unguenta et nimium brevis
Hither order (the slaves) to bear the wine and the perfumes of the the excessively brief

flores amoenae ferre iube rosae,
flowers of the charming rose,

dum res et aetas et sororum
While the circumstances and the age and

fila trium patiuntur atra.
the dark threads of the three sisters allow.

cedes coemptis saltibus et domo
You will withdraw from the forests having been bought up

villaque, flavos quam Tiberis lavit,
and the house and the villa, which the golden Tiber washes,

cedes, et exstructis in altum
Withdraw, and the heir will obtain

divitiis potietur heres.
riches having been piled on high.

divesne prisco natus ab Inacho,
Wether born rich from ancient Inachus,

nil interest, an pauper et infima
or poor from the lowest race, it is not of importance

de gente sub divo moreris,
you linger under the sky,

victima nil miserantis Orci:
you are the victim of Orcus pitying not at all

omnes eodem cogimur, omnium
We are all driven to the same place,

versatur urna serius ocius
the fate of all of us is turned

sors exitura et nos in aeternum
sooner or later about to emerge

exilium inpositura cumbae.
and about to place us in a boat to eternal exile.