Horace Odes II.14

Eheu fugaces, Postume, Postume
Alas Postumus, Postumes, the elusive years

labuntur anni, nec pietas moram
are passed, and devotion will not bring

rugis et instanti senectae
delay to wrinkles and pressing old age
- synchesis - instanti senectae...indomitaeque morti

adferet indomitaeque morti,
and unconquerable death,

non, si trecenis, quotquot eunt dies,
Not, however many days go by,

amice, places inlacrimabilem
friend, if you should placate pitiless Pluto
- future less vivid

Plutona tauris, qui ter amplum
with three hundred bulls, who restrains
- Plutona- accusative (Greek thing)

Geryonem Tityonque tristi
thrice large Geryon and Tityon

conpescit unda, scilicet omnibus,
with sad waters to be sailed across by all of us surely

quicumque terrae munere vescimur,
whichever of us feed on gift of the earth

enaviganda, sive reges,
whether kings

sive inopes erimus coloni.
or poor farmers we will be.
- hyperbaton

frustra cruento Marte carebimus
We, in vain, will be without cruel war,
- metonymy

fractisque rauci fluctibus Hadriae,
And [we will lack in vain] the broken waves of the rough Adriatic sea,

frustra per autumnos nocentem
In vain, we will fear the south wind

corporibus metuemus Austrum:
harming our bodies through autumns

visendus ater flumine languido
The gloomy Cocytus wandering
- visendus- implied est (gerundive of obligation)

Cocytos errans et Danai genus
with languid water must be looked upon and

infame damnatusque longi
the infamous race of Danaus (must be looked upon) and

Sisyphus Aeolides laboris.
Sisyphus, son of Aeolus, damned to long labour.

linquenda tellus et domus et placens
The land and the home and the pleasing wife must be left behind

uxor, neque harum, quas colis, arborum
and not any of these trees, which you cultivate,

te praeter invisas cupressos
except the hateful cypress,

ulla brevem dominum sequetur,
will follow you, the brief master.

absumet heres Caecuba dignior
The heir, more worthy, will consume the Caecuban wines

servata centum clavibus et mero
having been saved by means of a hundred keys

tinguet pavimentum superbo,
and he will stain the floor with the proud, unmixed wine,

pontificum potiore cenis.
better than the dinners of high priests.