Horace Odes 1.22

Integer vitae scelerisque purus
The man upright in life, and innocent in crime

non eget Mauris iaculis neque arcu
does not need the African javelins, nor a bow

nec venenatis gravida sagittis,
nor a quiver having been laid down with poisenous arrows,

Fusce, pharetra,

sive per Syrtis iter aestuosas
whether about to make a journey through boiling Syrtis

sive facturus per inhospitalem
or through inhospitable Caucasus,

Caucasum, vel quae loca fabulosus
or the places which the legendary

lambit Hydaspes.
Hydaspes washes.

namque me silva lupus in Sabina,
For in the the Sabine woods, a wolf

dum meam canto Lalagen et ultra
while i was singing about my Lalage and

terminum curis vagor expeditis,
i was wandering beyond the limit carefree,

fugit inermem,
the wolf fled me unarmed,

quale portentum neque militaris
sort of portent neither the militant

Daunias latis alit aesculetis,
wide oak forest nourishes,

nec Iubae tellus generat, leonum
nor does the land of Juba, produces

arida nutrix.
the dry nurse of lions

pone me, pigris ubi nulla campis
Put me, in barren fields a place where no tree

arbor aestiva recreatur aura,
is refreshed with the summer breeze

quod latus mundi nebulae malusque
a place in the world which side of the world the mist and bad Jupiter

Iuppiter urget,
presses upon,

pone sub curru nimium propinqui
place me below chariots of a too close sun

solis in terra domibus negata:
in a land devoid of homes

dulce ridentem Lalagen amabo,
I will love Lalagen laughing sweetly

dulce loquentem.
and talking sweetly.