Horace Odes 1.13

Horace Odes 1.13
second Asclepiadean

Cum tu, Lydia, Telephi
When you, Lydia, praise

cervicem roseam, cerea Telephi
the rosy neck of Telephus, the supple arms of Telephus,

laudas brachia, vae meum
my seething liver

fervens difficili bile tumet iecur.
fills with difficult bile.

5 tunc nec mens mihi, nec color
Then my mind does not remain in a certain place
- insert est

certa sede manet, umor et in genas
(at rest), and a color (does not remain at rest), and the moisture
- umor et - inverted word order

furtim labitur arguens,
slips secretly onto my cheeks, proving how deeply i am tormented,

quam lentis penitus macerer ignibus.
with lingering flames.

uror, seu tibi candidos
I am burned, whether

10 turparunt umeros immodicae mero
the fights, immoderate because of unmixed wine, make ugly your pale shoulders,

rixae, sive puer furens
or the wild boy

inpressit memorem dente labris notam.
pressed a mindful mark upon her upper lip with his teeth.

non, si me satis audias,
Not, if you should hear enough of me,

speres perpetuum dulcia barbare
you would not hope for him continually striking, cruelly,

15 laedentem oscula, quae Venus
your sweet mouth, which Venus

quinta parte sui nectaris imbuit.
has filled with one fifth of her own nectar.

felices ter et amplius,
Thrice lucky and more

quos inrupta tenet copula, nec malis
whom the unbroken bonds hold, and whom

divolsus querimoniis
love, not having been torn apart by evil complaints, will not loosen quicker

20 suprema citius solvet amor die.**
than the final day.