Horace Odes 3.1

Odi profanum vulgus et arceo.
I hate and spurn the profane crowd.

favete linguis: carmina non prius
Be silent: I, the priest of the muses, sing the songs

audita Musarum sacerdos
not having been heard before

virginibus puerisque canto.
to maidens and boys.

5 regum timendorum in proprios greges,
The power of the kings to be feared is over one's own flock,

reges in ipsos imperium est Iovis,
the power of Jove,

clari Giganteo triumpho,
famous for his triumph over the giants,

cuncta supercilio moventis.
moving everything with his eyebrow, (is) over the kings themselves.

est, ut viro vir latius ordinet
it is such that the man arranges

10 arbusta sulcis, hic generosior
his trees with wider furrows than (another) man, this candidate/seeker

descendat in campum petitor,
descends more nobly into the field,

moribus hic meliorque fama
this man contends better with respect to character and fame,

contendat, illi turba clientium
the crowd of clients to(of) that guy
- dat. of possession

sit maior: aequa lege Necessitas
is bigger: Necessity chooses the distinguished
- substantive clause of result - subjunctive - its nouny

15 sortitur insignis et imos,
and the lowest with equal law.

omne capax movet urna nomen.
The spacious urn moves every name.

destrictus ensis cui super impia
For whom the drawn sword hangs over the impious

cervice pendet, non Siculae dapes
neck, Sicilian feasts will not develop

dulcem elaborabunt saporem,
a sweet taste,

20 non avium citaraeque cantus
the songs of birds and the lyre

somnum reducent: somnus agrestium
will not bring back sleep: gentle sleep

lenis virorum non humilis domos
does not scorn the humble homes of rustic
- synchesis

fastidit umbrosamque ripam,
men and the shady bank,

non Zephyris agitata Tempe.
nor the Tempe valley stirred by the west winds.

25 desiderantem quod satis est neque
The turbulent sea does not disturb the one desiring

tumultuosum sollicitat mare,
what is enough,

nec saevus Arcturi cadentis
nor does the savage attack of setting Arcturus

impetus aut orientis Haedi,
or of rising Haedus,

non verberatae grandine vineae
nor do the vineyards beaten with hail

30 fundusque mendax, arbore nunc aquas
and the false estate, with the tree now blaming the waters,

culpante, nunc torrentia agros
now (blaming) the stars burning the fields

sidera, nunc hiemes iniquas.
now (blaming) the unfavorable winters.

contracta pisces aequora sentiunt
The fish perceive the waters having been narrowed

iactis in altum molibus: huc frequens
by means of the massive structures having been piled on high. Hither the assiduous contractor

35 caementa demittit redemptor
sinks small stones

cum famulis dominusque terrae
with slaves and the lord disdainful of the land (does this, too),

fastidiosus, sed Timor et Minae
but Fear and Threats

scandunt eodem, quo dominus, neque
climb to the same place where the master (climbs) and

decedit aerata triremi et
Gloomy Care does not depart with the bronzed trireme and

40 post equitem sedet atra Cura.
sit behind the horseman.

quodsi dolentem nec Phrygius lapis,
But if neither the Phrygian stone

nec purpurarum sidere clarior
nor the use of purples clearer than a star
- sidere - abl. of comparison

delenit usus, nec Falerna
soothes the suffering one, nor does Falernian

vitis Achaemeniumque costum,
wine and Persian aromatic plant (btw)

45 cur invidendis postibus et novo
why should I build an atrium sublime with doorposts to be envied and in the new

sublime ritu moliar atrium?

cur valle permutem Sabina
Why should I exchange the Sabine valley for

divitias operosiores?
rather toilsome riches?