Horace Odes 2.10

Rectius vives, Licini, neque altum
You will live more correctly, Licinius, neither by always

semper urgendo, neque – dum procellas
pressing on the sea, nor - while cautious you tremble

cautus horrescis – nimium premendo
at storms - by following very closely

litus iniquum.
the uneven shore.

auream quisquis mediocritatem
Whoever loves the golden mean,

diligit, tutus caret obsoleti
he, safe, lacks the dirt of a shabby house,

sordibus tecti, caret invidenda
sober, lacks a
- invidenda - gerundive

sobrius aula.
house to be envied.

saepius ventis agitatur ingens
More often the huge pine is agitated by the winds

pinus et celsae graviore casu
and the lofty towers fall down with a heavier fall

decidunt turres feriuntque summos
and the flashes of lighting strike

fulgura montis.
the highest mountain.

sperat infestis, metuit secundis
The well prepared chest, in dangerous circumstances, hopes
- abl of time when

alteram sortem bene praeparatum
for another fate, in favorable circumstances fears (another fate).

pectus. informis hiemes reducit
Jupiter brings back harsh winters,

Iuppiter, idem
the same Jupiter

submovit. non, si male nunc, et olim
removes. Not, if it is badly now , and at one time
- add est after nunc

sic erit: quondam cithara tacentem
it not be thus also: sometimes Apollo
- cithara - abl.

suscitat Musam, neque semper arcum
awakens the silent Muse with the lyre,

tendit Apollo.
and he does not always extend his bow.

rebus angustis animosus atque
In difficult circumstances appear strong

fortis appare: sapienter idem
and spirited: wisely likewise

contrahes vento nimium secundo
you will draw together the swollen sails

turgida vela.
with a too favorable wind.