Horace, Odes 1.9

Vides, ut alta stet nive candidum
Do you see, how Soracte stands shinning with deep snow,
- stet - subjunctive - indirect question

Soracte, nec iam sustineant onus
and how now the laboring forests no longer support

silvae laborantes, geluque
the snow, and the

flumina constiterint acuto?
rivers have stood still with severe cold?
- constiterint - subjunctive

dissolve frigus ligna super foco
Dissolve the cold placing wood upon a hearth

large reponens atque benignius
plentifully and readily and more lavishly

deprome quadrimum Sabina,
bring out the four year old, unmixed (wine) in a Sabine jar,
- deprome - imperative

o Thaliarche, merum diota.
Oh Thaliarchus.

permitte divis cetera, qui simul
Leave the rest for the gods,who as soon as

stravere ventos aequore fervido
they flatten the fiercely fighting winds on the boiling sea
- stravere = straverunt

deproeliantis, nec cupressi
neither Cypress

nec veteres agitantur orni.
nor the old flowering ash trees are stirred.

quid sit futurum cras, fuge quaerere, et
Flee from asking, what is going to be tomorrow, and

quem Fors dierum cumque dabit, lucro
count as profit whatever of days Fortune will give you
- quem and cumque - tmesis

adpone, nec dulcis amores
and neither scorn the sweet loves

sperne puer neque tu choreas,
oh boy, nor the dances, oh you,

donec virenti canities abest
while difficult old age is absent from you being youthful.
- juxtaposition

morosa. nunc et campus et areae
Now let both the field and open spaces

lenesque sub noctem susurri
and the gentle whispers be sought again under night

composita repetantur hora,
at the arranged hour,
- repetantur - passive present subj. ?
- jussive

nunc et latentis proditor intumo
now let the pleasing laugh, the betrayer of the hiding girl,

gratus puellae risus ab angulo
from the most secret corner

pignusque dereptum lacertis
and the badge, having been snatched away from the upper arms

aut digito male pertinaci.
or the badly holding finger (be sought).