Catullus 86

Catullus 86

Quintia formosa est multis. Mihi candida, longa,
Quintia is beautiful to many. To me, she is pretty, tall,

recta est: haec ego sic singula confiteor.
stately to me: these I thus individually admit.

Totum illud “formosa” nego: nam nulla venustas,
I deny that all "beautiful" thing: for there is no charm,

nulla in tam magno est corpore mica salis.
there is no grain of wit in such a great body.

5 Lesbia formosa est, quae cum pulcerrima tota est,
Lesbia is gorgeous, who is not only wholly very beautiful,

tum omnibus una omnis surripuit Veneres.
but at the same time she stole all the charms from all women.