Catullus 77

Catullus 77

Rufe mihi frustra ac nequiquam credite amice
Rufus my friend having been trusted by me in vain and in vain

(frustra? immo magno cum pretio atque malo),
(in vain? rather with a great price and great distress),

sicine subrepsti mi atque intestina perurens
did you, in this way, creep under me, and, consuming my intestines,

ei misero eripuisti omnia nostra bona?
alas, did you snatch all my good things from miserable me?

5 Eripuisti, heu heu nostrae crudele venenum
You snatched, alas alas, cruel poison (vocative! he's calling Rufus "cruel poison") of my life

vitae, heu heu nostrae pestis amicitiae.
alas, alas, plague of our friendship.