Quod mihi fortuna casuque oppressus acerbo
The fact that you, having been overwhelmed with bitter fortune and circumstance,

conscriptum hoc lacrimis mittis epistolium,
send me this little letter, having been written with tears

naufragum ut eiectum spumantibus aequoris undis
so that i support and restore from the threshold of death the ship wrecked sailor

sublevem et a mortis limine restituam,
having been cast ashore by the foaming waves of the sea

(5)quem neque sancta Venus molli requiescere somno
whom scared Venus does neither permits to rest in soft sleep,

desertum in lecto caelibe perpetitur,
deserted in a spouseless bed,

nec veterum dulci scriptorum carmine Musae
nor do the Muses delight with sweet songs of ancient writers

oblectant, cum mens anxia pervigilat:
when the anxious mind keeps awake:

id gratum est mihi, me quoniam tibi dicis amicum,
it is pleasing to me, since you say that i am your friend

(10) muneraque et Musarum hinc petis et Veneris.
and you seek from me gifts from both the Muses and the Venus

Sed tibi ne mea sint ignota incommoda, Mani,
But so that my misfortunes are not unknown to you, Manius,

neu me odisse putes hospitis officium,
or so that you would not think that i hate the duty of a guest

accipe, quis merser fortunae fluctibus ipse,
accept (these things), with which waves of fortune i, myself, am drowned,

ne amplius a misero dona beata petas.
so that you do not seek blessed gifts from miserable me any longer.

(15) Tempore quo primum vestis mihi tradita pura est,
From which time, the pure toga was first given to me

iucundum cum aetas florida ver ageret,
when the blooming age was keeping springtime pleasant,

multa satis lusi: non est dea nescia nostri,
I played often enough: the goddess is not unaware of us,

quae dulcem curis miscet amaritiem.
who mixes sweet bitterness with cares.

Sed totum hoc studium luctu fraterna mihi mors
But the death of the brother took away all the zeal from me because of grief.

(20) abstulit. O misero frater adempte mihi,
O brother taken away from miserable me,

tu mea tu moriens fregisti commoda, frater,
You, you dying, shattered my blessings, brother,

tecum una tota est nostra sepulta domus,
Our whole house was buried with you at the same time,

omnia tecum una perierunt gaudia nostra,
All our joys have perished together with you,

quae tuus in vita dulcis alebat amor.
Which your sweet love was nourishing in life.