Catullus 65

Etsi me assiduo confectum cura dolore
Even if distress draws me, overwhelmed with constant

sevocat a doctis, Ortale, virginibus,
grief, from the learned maidens, Hortalus,

nec potis est dulcis Musarum expromere fetus
my mind (the mind of my soul) is not able to give expression to the sweet offspring

mens animi, tantis fluctuat ipsa malis –
of the Muses, it itself seethes with such great evils -

(5) namque mei nuper Lethaeo gurgite fratris
for recently a flowing wave has wet the pale little

pallidulum manans alluit unda pedem,
foot/feet of my brother with the water of Lethe/Lethean water,

Troia Rhoeteo quem subter litore tellus
(my brother) whom, snatched from our/my eyes, the Trojan

ereptum nostris obterit ex oculis.
land crushes under the Rhoetean/Trojan shore.

(10) numquam ego te, vita frater amabilior,
Will I never look upon you after this/hereafter, brother

aspiciam posthac? At certe semper amabo,
more worthy to be loved than life? But certainly I will always love (you),

semper maesta tua carmina morte canam,
I will always sing songs sad with your death/
I will always sing sad songs because of your death,

qualia sub densis ramorum concinit umbris
of such as sort as the Daulian sings under the dense shadows

Daulias, absumpti fata gemens Ityli. –
of the branches, lamenting the fates of devoured/consumed Itylus. -

(15) sed tamen in tantis maeroribus, Ortale, mitto
But nevertheless I send these translated songs of Callimachus/the Son of Battus

haec expressa tibi carmina Battiadae,
to you, Hortalus, in such great sadnesses,

ne tua dicta vagis nequiquam credita ventis
so that you would not think that your words, trusted to the wandering

effluxisse meo forte putes animo,
winds in vain, have slipped away from my mind by chance,

ut missum sponsi furtivo munere malum
just as an apple, sent as the secret gift of a bridegroom,

(20) procurrit casto virginis e gremio,
runs forth from the chaste lap of a maiden,

quod miserae oblitae molli sub veste locatum,
which, placed under the soft garment of the miserable girl, having forgotten,

dum adventu matris prosilit, excutitur,
while/when she jumps up at the arrival of her mothers, is shaken out,
atque illud prono praeceps agitur decursu,
and it is driven headlong in a downward course,

huic manat tristi conscius ore rubor.
a knowing red flows in the sad face for/of this (girl).