Catullus 64.58-79

immemor at iuvenis fugiens pellit vada remis,
Forgetful but fleeing the young man beats the waters of the sea with an oar,

irrita ventosae linquens promissa procellae.
leaving behind the empty promises to the windy gale.
- pleonasm
- golden line

quem procul ex alga maestis Minois ocellis,
whom Ariadne watches/Ariadne watches him far away from the seaweed with sad little eyes,

saxea ut effigies bacchantis, prospicit, eheu,
(just) as a stony image of a bacchant, alas,

prospicit et magnis curarum fluctuat undis,
she watches and wavers with great waves of emotional cares,

non flavo retinens subtilem vertice mitram,
not holding/keeping the delicate headdress on her blonde hair,

non contecta levi velatum pectus amictu,
not covered with respect to her breast having been veiled with light clothing,

non tereti strophio lactentis vincta papillas,
not bound with respect to her milk-white breasts by means of a smooth twisted band,

omnia quae toto delapsa e corpore passim
all of which, having slipped down from her whole body here and there,

ipsius ante pedes fluctus salis alludebant.
the waves of the sea were playing against before the feet of the mistress.

sed neque tum mitrae neque tum fluitantis amictus
but she caring neither then what happens to her headdress nor to her flowing cloak

illa vicem curans toto ex te pectore, Theseu,
she was hanging from you, Theseus, with her whole heart,

(70) toto animo, tota pendebat perdita mente.
with her whole spirit, her whole hopeless mind.

a misera, assiduis quam luctibus externavit
alas miserable one, whom Venus sowing

spinosas Erycina serens in pectore curas,
thorny cares in her heart, with constant sorrows, put in a panic

illa tempestate, ferox quo ex tempore Theseus
from that time when, fierce Theseus

egressus curvis e litoribus Piraei
having set out from the curved shore of Piraeus
- there's a spondee here....its odd

(75) attigit iniusti regis Gortynia templa.
arrived at the Cretan temples of the unjust king.

nam perhibent olim crudeli peste coactam
Now/for they assert that once Cecropia (Athens) compelled

Androgeoneae poenas exsolvere caedis
to pay the penalty for the Androgeonan slaughter

electos iuvenes simul et decus innuptarum
select youths and at the same time the glory of their unwed maidens

Cecropiam solitam esse dapem dare Minotauro.
to give as a feast to the Minotaur.