Catullus 64.50-57

Catullus 64.50-57
dactylic hexameter

(50) haec vestis priscis hominum variata figuris
This cloth adorned with ancient figures of men
~"ancient figures of me" hypallage

heroum mira virtutes indicat arte.
reveals the virtues of heros by a wonderful art.
- heroum - gen. pl - Greek word

namque fluentisono prospectans litore Diae
For Ariadne, looking out from the wave resounding shore of Dia,

Thesea cedentem celeri cum classe tuetur
sees Theseus departing with his fast fleet
- alliteration

indomitos in corde gerens Ariadna furores,
bearing untamed fury in her heart,

(55) necdum etiam sese quae visit visere credit,
and she does not yet even believe that she sees what she sees
- visit visere - polyptoton

utpote fallaci quae tunc primum excita somno
in as much as she, then first aroused from treacherous sleep

desertam in sola miseram se cernat harena.
sees herself, miserable, (to be) deserted in lonely sand.
transfered epithet