Catullus 64.212-237

Catullus 64.212-237

namque ferunt olim, classi cum moenia divae
For they say that once, when Aegeus entrusted his son, leaving

linquentem gnatum ventis concrederet Aegeus,
the walls of the goddess, with a fleet to the winds,

talia complexum iuveni mandata dedisse:
having embraced (him) gave such orders to the young man:

215 “gnate mihi longe iucundior unice vita,
Only son more pleasing to me than a long life,

gnate, ego quem in dubios cogor dimittere casus,
son, whom I am compelled to send away into uncertain circumstances,

reddite in extrema nuper mihi fine senectae,
having been returned recently to me in the final end of old age,

quandoquidem fortuna mea ac tua fervida virtus
since my fortune and your ardent virtue/courage

eripit invito mihi te, cui languida nondum
snatch you from me, unwilling, whose enfeebled eyes

220 lumina sunt gnati cara saturata figure,
have not yet been satisfied with the dear figure of his son,

non ego te gaudens laetanti pectore mittam,
I, not rejoicing, will send you with a not rejoicing heart,
I, not rejoicing, will not send you with a rejoicing heart,

nec te ferre sinam fortunae signa secundae,
and I will not allow you to bear the signs of favorable fortune,

sed primum multas expromam mente querellas,
but first I will give expression to many complaints with my mind,

canitiem terra atque infuso pulvere foedans;
defiling my gray hair with earth and with dust poured on;

225 inde infecta vago suspendam lintea malo,
then I will hang darkened sails on the wandering mast,

nostros ut luctus nostraeque incendia mentis
so that a sail, having been darkened with Spanish rust,

carbasus obscurata dicet ferrugine Hibera.
would show our griefs and the fires/turmoils of our mind.

quod tibi si sancti concesserit incola Itoni,
But if the inhabitant of sacred Itonus, who has agreed to defend

quae nostrum genus ac sedes defendere Erecthei
our race and the home of Erectheus, will have granted to you

230 annuit, ut tauri respergas sanguine dextram,
that you sprinkle the right hand with the blood of the bull,

tum vero facito ut memori tibi condita corde
then truly see to it that these orders flourish, having been preserved

haec vigeant mandata, nec ulla oblitteret aetas;
in your mindful heart, and that not any age/passage of time erases (them);

ut simul ac nostros invisent lumina collis
so that as soon as your eyes look upon our hills,

funestam antennae deponant undique vestem
let the twisted ropes (intorti rudentes) put down the

235 candidaque intorti sustollant vela rudentes,
funereal clothing of the sail yard and raise the gleaming sails,

quam primum cernens ut laeta gaudia mente
so that I, as soon as seeing, will recognize joys with a

agnoscam, cum te reducem aetas prospera sistet.”
happy mind, when the successful day presents you returning."