Catullus 64.184-211

184 praeterea nullo colitur sola insula tecto,
Moreover this lonely island is inhabited by no home,

185 nec patet egressus pelagi cingentibus undis.
nor is escape of the sea available with the waves encircling
- cingentibus undis - ablative absolute

nulla fugae ratio, nulla spes: omnia muta,
There is no means of escape, there is no hope: all (things) are silent

omnia sunt deserta, ostentant omnia letum.
all are deserted, all (things) exhibit/point to death.

non tamen ante mihi languescent lumina morte,
The eyes of me will not, however, grow weak with death

nec prius a fesso secedent corpore sensus,
Nor will my senses withdraw from my tired body,

190 quam iustam a divis exposcam prodita multam
before I, betrayed, demand a just punishment from the gods
- tmesis - ante (188), prius (189), quam (190)

caelestumque fidem postrema comprecer hora.
and call upon the faith of the gods in my final hour.

quare facta virum multantes vindice poena
Therefore Eumenides, punishing the deeds of men with avenging punishment,
- virum - virorum
- Eumenides - euphemism for the Furies

Eumenides, quibus anguino redimita capillo
whose forehead, crowned with snaky hair,

frons exspirantis praeportat pectoris iras,
carries forth the angers of a sighing chest,

195 huc huc adventate, meas audite querellas,
here here come, hear my complaints,
- (Main verb of sentence are adventate and audite)

quas ego, vae miserae, imis proferre medullis
which I, alas miserable, am forced,

cogor inops, ardens, amenti caeca furore.
helpless, burning, blind with insane fury, to bear forth from my innermost marrows.

quae quoniam verae nascuntur pectore ab imo,
Since, truly, these things which are complaints are born from the deepest heart

vos nolite pati nostrum vanescere lectum,
do not allow our grief to vanish,

200 sed quali solam Theseus me mente reliquit,
but with what sort of mind Theseus has left me alone

tali mente, deae, funestet seque suosque.”
with such a mind, O goddesses, let him defile himself and his own (people).

has postquam maesto profundit pectore voces,
After she poured forth these voices from a sad chest

supplicium saevis exposcens anxia factis,
demanding punishment, distressed by the savage deeds,

annuit invicto caelestum numine rector;
the ruler nods with a resolute divine power of the heavens;

205 quo motu tellus atque horrida contremuerunt
with which movement the earth and the ruffled seas trembled

aequora concussitque micantia sidera mundus.
and the heavens shook violently the flickering stars.

ipse autem caeca mentem caligine Theseus
Theseus himself, however, having been sown/beset with respect to his mind

consitus oblito dimisit pectore cuncta
with blind darkness, sent away from his forgetful heart all

quae mandata prius constanti mente tenebat,
the orders which he was previously holding in his steady mind,

210 dulcia nec maesto sustollens signa parenti
and, not lifting the sweet signs for his sad parent,

sospitem Erectheum se ostendit visere portum.
he did not show himself to visit the Erecthian/Athenian port safe.