Catullus 64.158-183

si tibi non cordi fuerant conubia nostra,
If our marriage had not been dear to you,

saeva quod horrebas prisci praecepta parentis,
because you were dreading savage precepts of a stern parent,

160 attamen in vestras potuisti ducere sedes,
but yet you are able to lead me into your home,

quae tibi iucundo famularer serva labore,
(I) who would serve you as a female slave with pleasant toil,

candida permulcens liquidis vestigia lymphis,
caressing the white soles of the feet by means of clear spring water,

purpureave tuum consternens veste cubile.
or spreading your bed with the purple sheet.

sed quid ego ignaris nequiquam conqueror auris,
But why should I bewail to the ignorant winds,

165 exsternata malo, quae nullis sensibus auctae
having been driven out of my mind by evil, which, endowed with no senses,

nec missas audire queunt nec reddere voces?
is able neither to hear nor to return uttered voices?

ille autem prope iam mediis versatur in undis,
He, however, now turns himself nearly in the middle of the waves,

nec quisquam apparet vacua mortalis in alga.
and not any mortal appears in the empty algae.

sic nimis insultans extremo tempore saeva
Thus, mocking me too much at my last hour,

170 fors etiam nostris invidit questibus auris.
savage fortune still refuses to grant its ears to my complaints.

Iuppiter omnipotens, utinam ne tempore primo
Omnipotent Juppiter, would that the Cecropian ships

Gnosia Cecropiae tetigissent litora puppes,
had not touched the Cretan shore in the first place,

indomito nec dira ferens stipendia tauro
nor that the unfaithful sailor, carrying the horrible tributes to the unrestrained bull,

perfidus in Creta religasset navita funem,
had tied his rope onto Crete,

175 nec malus haec celans dulci crudelia forma
nor that the evil guest had not rested

consilia in nostris requiesset sedibus hospes!
in our home, hiding these cruel plans with his sweet beauty!

nam quo me referam? quali spe perdita nitor?
For where should I bring myself? On what kind of hope do I, destroyed, lean?

Idaeosne petam montes? at gurgite lato
Should i search for the Idean Mountains? But

discernens ponti truculentum dividit aequor.
seperating with a wide water, the fierce plain of the sea divides.
(Me from the Idean Mountains)

180 an patris auxilium sperem? quemne ipsa reliqui
Or should I hope for the help of my father? Whom I myself left

respersum iuvenem fraterna caede secuta?
behind, having followed the young man sprinkled with brotherly blood?

coniugis an fido consoler memet amore?
Or should I console myself with the faithful love of a husband?

quine fugit lentos incurvans gurgite remos?
Who flees bending pliant oars in the water?