Catullus 40

Catullus 40

Quaenam te mala mens, miselle Raude,
Miserable Ravidus, what bad mind

agit praecipitem in meos iambos?
drives you headlong into my iambs?

quis deus tibi non bene advocatus
Which god, not well invoked by you,

vecordem parat excitare rixam?
prepares to arouse a frenzied quarrel?

an ut pervenias in ora vulgi?
Or do you do this so that you should arrive at the face of the crowd?

quid vis? qualubet esse notus optas?
What do you want? Do you want to be known at any cost?

eris, quandoquidem meos amores
You will be (known), since you desire to love

cum longa voluisti amare poena.
my beloved at the risk of a long punishment.