Catullus 2

Catullus 2

Passer, deliciae meae puellae,
Little bird, delight of my girlfriend
- deliciae - nom. pl, refers back to passer

quicum ludere, quem in sinu tenere,
with who she is accustomed to play, whom she is accustomed to hold in her lap
- quicum really quocum

cui primum digitum dare appetenti
to whom attacking, she is accustomed to give her fingertip
- appetenti - pres. act. participle - dative, refers back to cui

et acris solet incitare morsus,
and she is accustomed to incite the keen bite of the bird
- acris really acres - weird 3rd declension thingy in poetry
- all previous infinitives refer back to solet
- morsus - acc. pl.

cum desiderio meo nitenti
when it is pleasing to the radiating object of my desire
- nitenti - pres. act. participle - refers back to desiderio

carum nescioquid lubet iocari,
to make I don't know what kind of dear little joke
- lubet - impersonal

et solaciolum sui doloris,
and to play at some little consolation for her pain
- sui doloris - objective genitive
- solaciolum - diminuitive

credo, ut tum gravis acquiescat ardor;
I believe so that the serious fire will die down
- gravis refers to ardor

tecum ludere sicut ipsa possem
if only I were able to play with you just as your mistress does
- possem - imperfect active sub. - a wish

et tristis animi levare curas!
and to alleviate the sad cares of my heart!
- tristis really tristes - adj. describing curas