Catullus 22

Catullus 22

Suffenus iste, Vare, quem probe nosti,
That Suffenus, O Varus, whom you know well

homo est venustus et dicax et urbanus,
is a charming man and witty and urbane,

idemque longe plurimos facit versus.
and at the same time, he makes very many verses by far.

puto esse ego illi milia aut decem aut plura
I think that thousands, either ten or more, were written down by him,
- illi - dative

perscripta, nec sic ut fit in palimpsesto
nor related/published thus, as it happens, on palimpsest:

relata: cartae regiae, novae libri,
royal papyrus sheets, new rolls,
- relata - supply esse - perfect passive participle

novi umbilici, lora rubra, membranae,
new knobs, red straps for the membrane,

derecta plumbo et pumice omnia aequata.
all arranged with lead and smoothed with pumice stone.

haec cum legas tu, bellus ille et urbanus
When you read these things, that charming and urbane
- legas - subjunctive

Suffenus unus caprimulgus aut fossor
Suffenus seems an ordinary goat-herd or ditch digger

rursus videtur: tantum abhorret ac mutat.
on the other hand: He is different and he changes so much.

hoc quid putemus esse? qui modo scurra
What should we think this is? The same man who just now seemed a wit
(putemus- deliberative subjunctive)

aut siquid hac re scitius videbatur,
or if anything more learned than this thing,
- hac re - ablative

idem inficeto est inficetior rure,
he is more witless than the witless country side.

simul poemata attigit, neque idem umquam
As soon as he touched poems, and the same (guy)
- poemata - acc. pl.
- attigit - perfect

aeque est beatus ac poema cum scribit:
is not equally happy as when he writes a poem

tam gaudet in se tamque se ipse miratur.
As he rejoices so much in himself and he himself admires himself so much.

nimirum idem omnes fallimur, neque est quisquam
Clearly we all deceived the same way

quem non in aliqua re videre Suffenum
nor is there anyone whom you are not able to see as a Suffenus in some situation.

possis. suus cuique attributus est error;
His own error is attributed to everyone;

sed non videmus manticae quod in tergo est.
but we do not see what [part] of the backpack is on our back.