Catullus 14

Catullus 14

Ni te plus oculis meis amarem,
If I did not love you more than my eyes

iucundissime Calve, munere isto
oh most delightful Calvus, because of that gift

odissem te odio Vatiniano
I would hate you with the hatred of Vatinius

nam quid feci ego quidve sum locutus,
for what did I do or what did I say,

cur me tot male perderes poetis?
for which you would destroy me utterly with so many poets?

isti di mala multa dent clienti,
Let the gods give many bad things to that client,
- dent - present subjunctive - jussive

qui tantum tibi misit impiorum.
who sent you so many wicked things.

quod si, ut suspicor, hoc novum ac repertum
But if, as I suspect,
- novum ac repertum - hendiadys - expression of one idea through two words

munus dat tibi Sulla litterator,
Sulla the elementary school teacher gave this newly discovered gift to you,

non est mi male, sed bene ac beate,
it is not badly for me, but well and fortunate

quod non dispereunt tui labores.
because your labors are not wasted.
- dispereunt - intransitive verb - historical present (?sry...can't read my own handwriting)

di magni, horribilem et sacrum libellum!
Oh great gods, horrible and sacred little book!
- acc. of exclamation
- libellum - dimutive

quem tu scilicet ad tuum Catullus
which you of course have sent to your Catullus

misti continuo, ut die periret
so that he would die on the very next day
- misti - perfect
- die - abl. of time when

Saturnalibus optimo dierum!
on the festival of Saturn the best of days!

non non hoc tibi, salse, sic abibit.
Thus these things, deceitful one, will not go away for you.
- non non is just repetition
- salse could also be false (false in our text) - vocative

nam, si luxerit, ad librariorum
for, if it will have lightened (when the sun rises),

curram scrinia; Caesios, Aquinos,
I will hurry to the book seller; I will gather together Caesius, Aquinus,

Suffenum, omnia colligam venena,
Suffenus, all of the poisons
- colligam - future

ac te his suppliciis remunerabor.
and I will pay you back with these punishments.

vos hinc interea valete abite
Goodbye, and go away from here to that place,

illuc, unde malum pedem attulistis,
from which you brought back that bad foot,

saecli incommoda, pessimi poetae.
the misfortune of the age, worst of poets.