Catullus 13

Cenabis bene, mi Fabulle, apud me
You will eat well, my Fabullus, at my house

paucis, si tibi di favent, diebus,
in a few days if the gods favor you,

si tecum attuleris bonam atque magnam
if you bring a good and great meal with you,

cenam, non sine candida puella
not without a shining girl and wine

et vino et sale et omnibus cachinnis.
and wit and all kinds of laughter.

haec si, inquam, attuleris, venuste noster,
If you bring these things I say, my charming man,

cenabis bene – nam tui Catulli
you will dine well -- for the pouch of your Catullus

plenus sacculus est aranearum.
is full of spider webs.

sed contra accipies meros amores
But in return you will accept pure love

seu quid suavis elegantiusve est:
or if there is anything more suave or elegant:

nam unguentum dabo quod meae puellae
for I will give perfume which Venuses and Cupids

donarunt Veneres Cupidinesque,
gave to my girlfriend,

quod tu cum olfacies, deos rogabis
which when you catch the scent of it, you will ask the gods

totum ut te faciant, Fabulle, nasum.
to make you all nose, Fabullus.