Catullus 72

Dicebas quondam solum te nosse Catullum,
You once were saying that you knew Catullus alone,

Lesbia, nec prae me velle tenere Iovem.
Lesbia, and that you did not want to hold Jupiter before me.

dilexi tum te non tantum ut vulgus amicam,
I loved you then not only as the common people love a prostitute,

sed pater ut gnatos diligit et generos.
but as a father loves his sons and sons in law.

nunc te cognovi; quare, etsi impensius uror,
Now I know you; therefore, even if I burn more earnestly,

multo mi tamen es vilior et levior.
nevertheless you are cheaper and more fickle to me by much.

qui potis est, inquis? quod amantem iniuria talis
How is it possible, you say? Because such and injustice compels

cogit amare magis, sed bene velle minus.
a lover to love more, but to wish well less.