(25) Cuius ego interitu tota de mente fugavi
with the death of which I have driven

haec studia atque omnes delicias animi.
these zeals and the and all the delights of the soul from my whole mind.

Quare, quod scribis Veronae turpe Catullo
For which reason, the fact that you write that to be at Verona is disgraceful for Catullus,

esse, quod hic quisquis de meliore nota
because here whoever of a greater character should warm

frigida deserto tepefactet membra cubili,
the frigid limbs of the lonely bed,

(30) id, Mani, non est turpe, magis miserum est.
This, Manius, is not disgraceful, rather it is pitiful.

Ignosces igitur si, quae mihi luctus ademit,
Therefore, if you would forgive which things grief takes away from me,

haec tibi non tribuo munera, cum nequeo.
I do not bestow these gifts to you, since I am unable.

Nam, quod scriptorum non magna est copia apud me,
For, the fact that there is not a an abundance of writings at my house,

hoc fit, quod Romae vivimus: illa domus,
This happens, because we live in Rome: that is my house

(35) illa mihi sedes, illic mea carpitur aetas;
that is my home, there my life is spent;

huc una ex multis capsula me sequitur.
To here one capsule out of many follows me.

Quod cum ita sit, nolim statuas nos mente maligna
Since this is so, I would not want you to decide that I do this with a bad mind

id facere aut animo non satis ingenuo,
or with a not gentlemanly enough mind,

quod tibi non utriusque petenti copia posta est:
Because an abundance of both has not been provided to you seeking it:

(40) ulto ego deferrem, copia siqua foret.
I would voluntarily offer it if there were any abundance.