Catullus 64.238-253

haec mandata prius constanti mente tenentem
These orders left Theseus, holding (them) previously with a constant mind,

Thesea ceu pulsae ventorum flamine nubes
just as clouds, struck with a gust of winds,

240 aerium nivei montis liquere cacumen.
leave the lofty peak of a snowy mountain.

at pater, ut summa prospectum ex arce petebat,
But his father, as he was seeking the view from the highest citadel

anxia in assiduos absumens lumina fletus,
exhausting his anxious eyes in constant tears

cum primum infecti conspexit lintea veli,
when first/as soon as he caught sight of the cloths of the dyed sails,

praecipitem sese scopulorum e vertice iecit,
threw himself headlong from the top of the rocks,

245 amissum credens immiti Thesea fato.
believing Theseus lost to cruel fate.

sic, funesta domus ingressus tecta paterna
Thus, fierce Theseus, having entered the roofs of the house funereal

morte, ferox Theseus, qualem Minoidi luctum
with paternal death, what sort of grief he had provided to Ariadne

obtulerat mente immemori, talem ipse recepit.
with a forgetful mind, such (grief) he himself received.

quae tum prospectans cedentem maesta carinam
Who, sad, then looking out upon the departing ship

250 multiplices animo volvebat saucia curas.
was turning multitudinous cares in her heart, distressed.

at parte ex alia florens volitabat Iacchus
But from another part, flowering Bacchus was flying around

cum thiaso Satyrorum et Nysigenis Silenis,
with a band of satyrs and Nysan Silenis

te quaerens, Ariadna, tuoque incensus amore.
looking for you, Ariadne, with your love.