Catullus 64.132-157

“sicine me patriis avectam, perfide, ab aris,
Have you, unfaithful, left me, having been carried off from the ancestral altars,

perfide, deserto liquisti in litore, Theseu?
Oh treacherous Theseus, on a deserted beach?

sicinie discedens neglecto numine divum,
Thus departing, with the divine power of the gods neglected,

135 immemor a! devota domum periuria portas?
do you, oh unmindful person, carry the accursed false oaths home?

nullane res potuit crudelis flectere mentis
Was no thing able to change the plan of your [Theseus's] cruel mind?

consilium? tibi nulla fuit clementia praesto,
Was no pity available to you,
tibi-Dat. of Possession (I'm sorry -Sam)

immite ut nostri vellet miserescere pectus?
so that your cruel breast would be willing to pity us/me?

at non haec quondam blanda promissa dedisti
But you have not given me these things, formerly having been promised
(But you have not given me these things once promised with your seductive voice)

140 voce mihi, non haec miseram sperare iubebas,
by your seductive voice, nor did you order miserable (me) to hope for these things,

sed conubia laeta, sed optatos hymenaeos,
but (to hope) for happy marriages, but (to hope) for a wished for wedding,

quae cuncta aerii discerpunt irrita venti.
which things, all empty, the airy winds tear to pieces.

nunc iam nulla viro iuranti femina credat,
Now already let no woman trust a swearing man,

nulla viri speret sermones esse fideles,
Let no (woman) hope that the speeches of man are faithful,

145 quis dum aliquid cupiens animus praegestit apisci,
For whom, while wishing for something, the mind has an over-powering desire to grab [it].
(Whose mind, while wishing for something...)

nil metuunt iurare, nihil promittere parcunt;
They fear to swear nothing, they refrain from promising nothing;

sed simul ac cupidae mentis satiata libido est,
but as soon as the lust of the desiring mind has been satisfied,

dicta nihil metuere, nihil periuria curant.
They fear words in no way, they care for false oaths in no way.

certe ego te in medio versantem turbine leti
Certainly I have snatched you, turning in the middle of the turbine of death,

150 eripui, et potius germanum amittere crevi
and I have decided to lose a brother,

quam tibi fallaci supremo in tempore dessem.
rather than to lack you, false, in this final moment.

pro quo dliaceranda feris dabor alitibusque
In return for which I will be given as prey to be torn to pieces by the wild beasts

praeda, neque iniecta tumulabor mortua terra.
and the large birds, and I, dead, will not be buried with the earth having been thrown on.

quaenam te genuit sola sub rupe leaena,
What sort of lioness gave birth to you under a lonely cliff,

155 quod mare conceptum spumantibus exspuit undis,
which ocean spat you, having been conceived, from its foamy waves,

quae Syrtis, quae Scylla rapax, quae vasta Charybdis,
which Syrtis, which predatory Scylla, which dreadful Charybdis spat you out,

talia qui reddis pro dulci praemia vita?
you who return such rewards for sweet life?