Catullus 50

Hesterno, Licini, die otiosi
Yesterday, Licinius we, at leisure,

multum lusimus in meis tabellis,
played much on my wax tablets.

ut convenerat esse delicatos:
as soon as it had been agreed to be frivolous.
- convenerat - pluperfect

scribens versiculos uterque nostrum
Both of us writing little verses

ludebat numero modo hoc modo illoc,
were playing with a meter now this, now that,

reddens mutua per iocum atque vinum.
returning mutually through joke and wine

atque illinc abii tuo lepore
and then I left from there inflamed by your charm

incensus, Licini, facetiisque,
and cleverness, Licinius.

ut nec me miserum cibus iuvaret
so that neither would food relieve miserable me.

nec somnus tegeret quiete ocellos,
nor would sleep touch my eyes with quiet

sed toto indomitus furore lecto
but wild with fury I turn myself on the whole bed

versarer, cupiens videre lucem,
wanting to see light

ut tecum loquerer simulque ut esse.
so that I might talk with you and at the same time be with you
- histeron proterion (spelling?) - first before last

at defessa labore membra postquam
but, after the limbs tired from labor,

semimortua lectulo iacebant,
were lying half dead on the little bed

hoc, iucunde, tibi poema feci,
This, poem. pleasant friend, I made for you

ex quo perspiceres meum dolorem.
out of which you might see my grief

nunc audax cave sis, precesque nostras,
Now beware of being reckless (beware that you be bold),

oramus, cave despuas, ocelle,
and beware of spurning our prayers, we beg, darling.

ne poenas Nemesis reposcat a te.
lest Nemesis exacts punishments from you

est vemens dea; laedere hanc caveto.
the goddess is violent; make sure you do not offend her.