Catullus 36

Annales Volusi, cacata carta,
Annals of Volusius, defecated papyrus,
- cacata carta - alliteration, assonance, consonance

votum solvite pro mea puella.
fufill the vows of my girlfriend

nam sanctae Veneri Cupidinique
For she vowed to the sacred Venus and Cupid,

vovit, si sibi restitutus essem
if I would be restored to her
- vovit - perfect

desissemque truces vibrare iambos,
and if I would stop hurling vicious iambs
- truces refers to iambos

electissima pessimi poetae
that she would give the choosiest writing
pessimi refers to poetae

scripta tardipedi deo daturam
of the worst poets to the slow-footed god
- tardipedi - compound word

infelicibus ustulanda lignis,
to be burned by unlucky firewood,
- ustulanda - gerundive

et hoc pessima se puella vidit
and the terrible girl saw that
- se - subject of infinitive

iocose lepide vovere divis.
she vows this playfully and wittily to the gods.
- asyndeton
- indirect statement

nunc, o caeruleo creata ponto,
Now, O! goddess created from the blue sea,

quae sanctum Idalium Uriosque apertos
you who inhabit the sacred Idalium and open Urios

quaeque Ancona Cnidumque harundinosam
and you who inhabit Ancon and Cnidus full of reeds

colis quaeque Amathunta quaeque Golgos
and you who also inhabit Amanthus and Golgi

quaeque Dyrrachium Hadriae tabernam,
and Dyrrachium, the inn of the Adriatic Sea,

acceptum face redditumque votum,
make the vow accepted and fufilled,

si non illepidum neque invenustum est.
if not uncharming nor unwitty.
- litotes

at vos interea venite in ignem,
But regardless, you will come into the fire,

pleni ruris et inficetiarum
full of the country and unrefinements,

annales Volusi, cacata carta.
Annals of Volusius, defecated papyrus.