Catullus 35

Poetae tenero, meo sodali,
Papyrus, I would like you to say

velim Caecilio, papyre, dicas
to the tender poet, Caecilius, my friend,

Veronam veniat, Novi relinquens
come to Verona, leaving behind the walls of Novus Comus

Comi moenia Lariumque litus:
and the shore of Larius

nam quasdam volo cogitationes
for I wish that he accept

amici accipiat sui meique.
certain thoughts for his and my friend.

quare, si sapiet, viam vorabit,
Therefore, if he is wise, he will devour the road

quamvis candida milies puella
Even if the fair-skinned girl

euntem revocet, manusque collo
will call him, going, back a thousand times

ambas iniciens roget morari.
and throwing both hands on his neck, asks him to wait.

quae nunc, si mihi vera nuntiantur,
And she now, if true things are announced to me

illum deperit impotente amore:
she is madly in love with him with a raging love:

nam quo tempore legit incohatam
for from which time she read

Dindymi dominam, ex eo misellae
The Begun Mistress of Dindymus, from this time

ignes interiorem edunt medullam.
fires have been eating out the inner marrow of the wretched girl.

ignosco tibi, Sapphica puella
I forgive you, girl more learned than a Sapphic muse

musa doctior: est enim venuste
for the Great Mother has been

Magna Caecilio incohata Mater.
begun charmingly by Caecilius.