Catullus 12

Marrucine Asini, manu sinistra
Asinius Marrucinus, you do not use

non belle uteris: in ioco atque vino
your left hand well: in joking and wine

tollis lintea neglegentiorum.
you lift the napkins of rather neglegent people.
- neglegentiorum - comparative

hoc salsum esse putas? fugit te, inepte;
Do you think that this is witty? It escapes you, foolish one;
- indirect statement

quamvis sordida res et invenusta est.
the matter is extremely disgraceful and unattractive.

non credis mihi? crede Pollioni
Do you not believe me? Believe your brother Pollio,

fratri, qui tua furta vel talento
who would like your thefts to be changed

mutari velit: est enim leporum
even by a talent: for the boy is

differtus puer ac facetiarum.
chock full of grace and cleverness
- facetiarum - gen. pl.

quare aut hendecasyllabos trecentos
for this reason reason expect either three hundred hendecasyllables

exspecta, aut mihi linteum remitte,
or give the napkin back to me,

quod me non movet aestimatione
which does not move me because of price

verum est mnemosynum mei sodalis.
but is a keepsake of my friend.

nam sudaria Saetaba ex Hiberis
For Fabullus and Veranius sent Saetaban napkins to me

miserunt mihi muneri Fabullus
from the land of the Iberians as a gift;
- mihi muneri - double dative - dative of purpose

et Veranius; haec amem necesse est
it is necessary that I love these

ut Veraniolum meum et Fabullum.
just as I love my little Veranius and Fabullus.
Veraniolum - diminutive